Thursday, September 18, 2014

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho

We interrupt the writing process for a quick picture break...

Without dimples...
....Or with dimples....
I just seriously love this little guy to pieces!!!

An Aaron Creation!
Don't tell Aaron that missing muscles and tendons in his arms and hands is a show-stopper...
He spent a LONG time placing all those blocks in just the right place.
I most certainly am!

And this goofy son of mine...


Last weekend he was in a really fun musical called DEAR EDWINA JR.

He was asked to be in at the last moment and stepped up and did a beautiful job!

To say I was proud of him would be a total understatement.  He sang two songs - one in a Transylvania accent - and the other as a love song and both were gorgeous. 

My boy has talent.
He's also a total nutcase...
And I love him to pieces too!
And that is the end of this picture break...
It's back to writing I  go....

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fatherless Friday...

Not for them.
In a few short days they will be claimed. 
Their Mama is on the plane right now flying to go get one of the boys! Their Papa is leaving in a few hours too to go get the other boy. 
Doesn't that just make you want to outright bawl on this Fatherless Friday??

Danny FSP wayne 1

At the beginning of the week they were over $4,000 short on what they needed to get the boys. 

But many many of you amazing readers have been pouring into this family and as of this morning they are only needing $1,054.00 to be fully funded.

A Mama and a Papa going separate ways to bring two boys into their family.

Can we finish this?
Elizabeth knit these socks for them.
Jaime Vanchura's photo.
Socks knit with prayers and love to get them home.
She's had a terribly rough week chemo wise but has been so blessed to watch the numbers fall for the Andersons.

I seriously want to finish this for her.
If you want the chance to win those amazing Elizabeth Dehority socks then just CLICK HERE to donate to the boys and then e-mail your receipt to this e-mail address:

On this Fatherless Friday... Let's get these two not-for-long Fatherless Boys funded!!
Their grant account needs to read $21,236.00 to be fully funded.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

For Elizabeth

I know.
I'm SUPPOSED to be working.
Two products left and they are seriously hanging heavy over our heads.
We have people begging for them to the point where we are having to provide the first seven weeks free so that we don't have a riot on our hands!
But you see my dear friend Elizabeth is seriously struggling.  Her Facebook status this morning ripped my heart out. 
"T minus nine hours and 25 minutes until dose number two of my new chemo. Last week my white cell count was borderline (2.9) so there is a chance that if this new drug has dropped it more, they could decide not to do the infusion. That would be bad. So far the number one side effect has been PROFOUND weakness. and fatigue. Like "sleep for 12 hours, get up,brush teeth,and then have to take a four hour nap to recover from the extreme exertion of brushing teeth" kind of tired. And weakness like not being able to pull my shirt off over my head because it's too heavy kind of weakness. I now feel like the laziest mama in the entire universe. But so far we are having no cardiac complications or worsening neuropathy. My hair has not yet started to fall out. Nine hours and 21 minutes ..... stress, stress, stress......"
Can anyone read that and not want to DO SOMETHING???
I can't give her strength in body though I wish with all my heart I could.
But I can help distract her in the Dehority Distraction style by being her voice for the Anderson family.  She wants to get them funded.  They leave in TWO DAYS and are not there yet.  We chipped away in the last 24 hours and that is AWESOME and AMAZING!  They were needed $4,401 yesterday.
Today they need $2,858.
I don't have that much money but I do have $10.00.
If I throw in $10.00 - will you join me?
Ten dollars - five for each boy.  Danny and Wayne. 
Danny FSP wayne 1
Elizabeth knit these socks for them.
Jaime Vanchura's photo.
Socks knit with prayers and love to get them home.
Help her finish the job.
I'm donating as soon as I finish typing this Blogpost.
Please join me.
If you don't have 10... then 5 will do.  And if you have more then just feel free to give more.
And if you want the chance to win those amazing Elizabeth Dehority socks then Just CLICK HERE to donate to the boys and then e-mail your receipt to this e-mail address:
Their grant account needs to read $21,236.00 to be fully funded

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


First of all... Let's just take a moment to shout a Praise to the Lord of Hosts...
Annemarie has a family!
I don't know who they are but they made my day yesterday.
AnnaMarie (1)
In a matter of only a short time, sweet girl is going to see a car drive up at her internat and she's going to wonder as she has wondered and prayed and hoped a thousand times before.... She's going to wonder and then she's going to shake her head knowing that people want the younger, prettier, smarter ones.  She's going to shake her head and move away from the window believing as she has believed so many times before that she is not worth enough - not good enough - not pretty enough. 
Can you just imagine the wave of shock that is going to pass through her when she realizes that she has been chosen.  Chosen! 
Oh Sweet Annemarie - You have been chosen!
See these socks....
There were knit by my sweet friend Elizabeth Dehority who is fighting cancer with every breath she takes!
19,200 stitches went into these socks - each stitch a prayer to the One who hears and responds. 
A similar pair was recently auctioned on e-bay and they sold for well over $400.00. 
Elizabeth is trying with all her might to get the Anderson family fully funded.  They leave in just a few days and are still in need of around $4,401.00.  Their grant account needs to read $21,691 to be fully funded.
They are going for two sweet boys - Danny and Wayne.
Danny FSP wayne 1
So here's the deal...
You can win these amazing, priceless socks stitched by the one and only Elizabeth Dehority for just a simple $5.00 donation to the Anderson family.  Just CLICK HERE to donate to the boys and then e-mail your receipt to this e-mail address:
Let's get those two boys home and let's put a smile on Elizabeth's face.  She's battling hard right now.  I can't knit, stitch or sew but I'm personally praying $19,200 prayers just for her.
Help us get the Andersons funded. Donate 5, 50 or 500 to the Andersons!!  Please!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Skinned Up Knees

Remember yesterday when I shared about Annemarie....
Her desperate longing for a family??
Well... a family has NOT stepped up BUT... she had a $5,000 matching grant on the table.
It was met yesterday!
That means that on top of the $8,647.00 that is in her account now - another $5,000 is going to be added soon.
AnnaMarie (1)
And remember the 0.00 in Clementine's account??
She now has $189.00.
I know.
A $189.00 jump is nothing compared to a $10,000.00 jump but still.... some of you loved on my girl yesterday and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
Sweet little one in her pink sandals that are probably community owned and her little blue dress that another child will probably wear tomorrow is quite in need of some Mama love.
Her little bruised up knees are seriously killing me!
Did she cry?  Or did she do what so many orphan children do - hold back the tears and believe somehow that falling down was her fault.  Were her eyes downcast and filled with guilt?  Did they smack her for falling or whisper tender words of comfort?  The stories behind the skinned knees of orphans could fill a thousand books.  My sweet Aaron still apologizes to us when he gets hurt.  Four years home and he still believes that somehow, in some way, falling means he is bad.  How many times have I had to reassure him over and over that I am not angry with him when he falls?
Oh sweet Clementine.  Would that you had a Mama who whispered reassurance in your ears as she cleaned up your wounds.  Would that you had someone who cared as much for your bruised and skinned up heart as your bruised and skinned up knees.
She's just a little girl with a world of sorrowful stories to tell.
Who will listen?
Who will hear?
CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO CLEMENTINE or to find out how you can adopt her...
CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO ANNEMARIE or to find out how to adopt her...

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Little Preacher

I took him to school early a few weeks ago so that we could go in the gym where they were having a benefit sale.

Sweet boy loves sales.  Loves walking and looking for treasures that MAYBE Mama will buy for him.

We found a few.

A box full of cool Melissa and David toys for a few bucks. 

I didn't want to carry the box around so one of the older ladies running the sale kindly agreed to sit in a chair and watch our stuff while I continued to look around.

Aaron hung out with her.

And talked.

And talked.

I wasn't listening but I figured that he was wrapping his little self right into her heart. 

Because that is how my boy operates.

When it was time, I took him to his class and went back to retrieve my box.

I was right.

In his precious little Aaron way he shared his adoption story with her.  He told her that he had been born in Ukr*ine and his Mama and Papa came and got him from there.  And by the way, he says, if she wanted a baby, there were more where he came from!

He should know.

He spent five years living in this room.  Surrounded by other babies.

Of course she was elderly and quite over the age limit of adoption but that didn't stop my little preacher.

There are so many more where he came from.

Sometimes I feel that I have lost my moorings on this blog.

It was started over four years ago to record our journey for one little dimpled boy who had been transferred out of a baby house and dropped into a mental institute for severely mentally and physically disabled boys.

After seeing that institute - walking the grounds - realizing the sorrow - our hearts broke.

When we visited Aaron's baby house during our last days there we knew - we knew we had to do everything we could to yell so that children didn't go from this...

Aaron's crib

to this...

Aaron's shed

 I don't want to lose my way.

I don't want to forget why we chose to keep this blog open.

There are little babes laying in cribs who are desperately in need of families.

Babes who could be spared the cruelty of transfer. 

There are Lost Boys and Lost Girls who have endured transfer - some in institutes like Aaron. 

All in need.

I want to yell for them.

The little ones.  The desperate ones.

The ones aging out.

My Lost Boys.

Grady and Porter and Pearson and Dagmar

I want to get back to really yelling for them.

 The voiceless.  The babes laying in cribs unseen.

Unseen right here on this blog.

Go back.

Scroll back.

Look carefully at the picture of the cribs.

Do you see what we had a hard time seeing even standing in that room?

Do you realize that those cribs are not all empty.

There were babes in there.  Babes who were so silent that we barely knew they even existed.


Quiet.  Silent children.  Not because they were sleeping.  Not because they were sick.  Silent because crying does not bring a response.  Quiet because they lost their voices long before. Voiceless, quiet children.  Laying in cribs. Day after lonely day.  They didn't even make a peep despite the fact that we were standing in that room and talking loudly.  They didn't make a noise.  Their silence in that room shocks me. Calls me.  Compels me.

I do not want to lose my moorings.

I do not want miss the silent ones in the joy over the ones soon going home.

This precious precious girl was listed just a few weeks ago.



Look at her.  See past her diagnosis and LOOK at her!!  Precious precious girl.

She has NO money in her account. 

Do you see her knees?  Who kissed them when she fell?  Who dried her tears when they poured down her face?

Or this beautiful girl who ages out in a matter of months.


AnnaMarie (1)

This is what was shared about her on Facebook ....

A caretaker at her internat says Annemarie is really struggling right now, longing for a family. Many of her friends have been adopted in the last year but no family has come for her. She wants a family so badly -- aches for a family, cries herself to sleep because her longing for a mama and a papa is so strong and so painful.
Annemarie is not some hardened 15yo. She is a sweet, kind, smart, beautiful child who longs to be hugged and cuddled by people she can call "mama" and "papa," a family of her very own.

Someone does love Annemarie because she has just been given a $5,000 matching grant. 

I want to yell for her because she is so worthy.  So valuable.  A beautiful girl who has ONE desire.  A family.

I don't want to lose my moorings for these and so so many others.

They cry out to the deepest part of my heart.

I hear them.

Silent. Quiet.  Helpless. 


Just waiting to be found!

We are still trying to finish our final TWO products... When we are done I will be back.

In the meantime... would someone or two or three please go donate to Clementine and get rid of that 0.00 by her name?

And someone else or two or three or ten or more... donate to Annemarie and let's get her matching grant met....

And pray.

And pray some more.

Because two girls and four boys on this blog today need families. 

They need families.

Just ask Aaron.

My little preacher knows.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Update

I don't think I have gone a week without blogging... EVER..
For those who have been following along in our Trail to Finish Year 3 BiblioPlan....

Three weeks ago we had three products left to finish writing (out of 14). 
Two weeks ago... three. 
Last week... three. 
Today... three. 
If you get how that same number would make one feel seeing it over and over again you might have a glimpse into our current frustration level. 
The good news is that part of the reason why we are so slow in getting these last three out is that we are fielding inquiries, signing up co-ops/schools and filling orders. 
The bad news is that some of the MANY inquiries are people wanting to know WHEN WE WILL BE FINISHED. 
Our energy level died about 2 months ago. 
We have been writing for so many years straight without a break that both of us are just going through the motions at this point. 
We have other projects to write and know we will never truly finish writing for a long time but not on this level and at this intensity. 
Pray we get through these last three products. 
I really miss this blog!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Painting King

We have three more products left to finish.
One of those products is our Early Modern Craft book.
It is going to be filled with Early Modern activities, crafts, art projects, cooking ideas and more...
Over 120 ideas.
To create a craft book you have to have samples.
Samples so you know HOW to provide directions for the craft or art activity and samples so you can SHOW what it is supposed to look like.
The frustration for me is that this next year I am teaching Early Modern History at our local co-op and will have my students making a ton of these craft/art projects.  But the book needs to be finished now which means I can't take pictures of my student's creations and use them as my picture examples.
Enter Aaron.
He LOVES art.
He is GOOD at art.
He doesn't mind helping Mama!
The boy never ceases to amaze us!
He's learning cursive in school.
I know. 
Roll your eyes and wonder why we didn't request that our boy with special needs gets a pass on learning cursive.


Honestly, I don't think he needs a pass.
And in case you wondered what Aaron was painting up above....
It's called a Maquahuitl.
It's a wooden handled Aztec sword with sharp edges made from flakes of obsidian.
Don't you wish you were teaching Early Modern History this year and had my craft book to use with your kiddos???
Well it isn't out yet, but we have three other craft books equally full of awesome ideas for our Ancients, Medieval and Modern years.
And the Early Modern one will hopefully be finished in the next few weeks...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh, Gene!!

My heart hurts.
This sweet boy is Lost. 
He had a family commit to him but they had to release him.
His time is up.
He ages out NOW. 
Please somebody FIND HIM!

Gene1 Gene2

IF there is anyone out there who could add him on to their adoption... Please pray about it... consider....

He has an $18,615.00 grant!!


This is what someone wrote about him....

"HELP! Gene was re-listed and is as close to being OUT OF TIME as they come.
From someone who met him recently... "We have found Gene. He is the very small, gaunt boy who has been sitting on the front porch stimming the last couple days. He did reach out to my companion when he walked up to him. His situation is desperate. The other boys look great and are doing things they couldn't before. He looks worse. I don't think he would be one of the boys kept here as an adult and I am certain he would die almost immediately at an adult-only facility. If he is not adopted, he will die, and a family only has until August to send in their i600a. We were not able to get photos now but we were able to get confirmation of his first name and 16th birthday in August."
Gene is going to be transferred and he.will.die.
My heart hurts for him.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Our Week

This past week this little guy turned 10.....

.....and started school on the same day!!!

And this big guy returned to college...

And in the middle of those two events we went to one really fun Cast/Pool Party....



And YES... My boys are EVIL!!
Let's all jump together, Carrie.... 1, 2, 3.....
Yeah... Evil!!
And we spent a Happy Birthday Aaron, Family Get-Away Day at King's Dominion...
Help!!  If anyone happens to find that little yellow hat laying around King's Dominion... PLEASE RETURN... WE MISS IT SO MUCH!!

This is Ben when he discovers that Yogi Bear's Cave is GONE!!  GONE!! 

Yes.  He was quite distraught.... Yogi Bear's Cave was his FAVORITE part of King's Dominion since he was a tiny little boy!


Despite that terrible loss...  King's Dominion Rocked!!  
Now back to the grind...
We have THREE Year 3 products left to finish....
Lord Give Me Strength!!